Summer Holidays Marketing

Summer Holidays Marketing

The Summer Holidays have started. Some of you are off on annual leave to exotic destinations, beach resorts and caravan sites. Some of you may be in the office discussing ways to increase sales this season. Your restaurant or eatery may need some banners, leaflets or a social media boost with promotions. Your car valet business may like to appeal to the summer wedding and Ascot day out glam squads looking for a freshly clean motor. Your mechanic garage may want to market a summer safety vehicle check package to road users. You may even have an event organised that needs promotion or ticket sales.

D3 Creative are based in Harlow Essex and specialise in helping with your seasonal promotions. You need a boost on your social media management. It may be beneficial for you to have blog page management on your website. You may just require design and print for marketing posters, flyers, leaflets or signage. We can help you with all your print, design, website and signage needs in house. D3 Creative can advise you on methods to stay apparent this summer in your industry!

It is important to review your marketing materials and promotions on a seasonal basis. It give you a fresh strategy at least four times a year to appeal to your target market. Seasonal promotions and marketing can be used for brand awareness or to get your services trending online. Seasonal marketing can also reinforce a service or goods your provide all year round but put a 'must have' spin on it that you can enforce by seasonal weather change, availability or convenience.

What with many school leavers and holiday breakers being off this season we are sure you will have many options on how to get a large leaflet run out to consumers with any promotions you wish to market. We are also sure you will get a good return on any marketing with many more consumers being receptive online or with flyers drops and posters. You are missing out on sales opportunities as potential consumers are on their social media more and having days out in your area. If your not online and utilising your online identity and presence you could be missing out on sales. If you are not using signage, posters and prints to advertise promotions and your presence then you will be missing out on sales and passing trade.

D3 Creative look forward to hearing from you and seeing how our fast turnaround print and design service can help you increase brand awareness and market your promotions and services! 01279 639865 To view more of our services please click here.

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