Ecommerce & Brochure Sites

Brochure Site
Many small companies need a web presence but might not have the budget for a fully optimised site. We offer brochure websites that are typically 3-5 pages and includes domain registration and hosting. This enables the company to have a website on a budget. We will submit the website to search engines including Google, we will set up basic on-site SEO and set up email addresses for the website.
Ecommerce websites are also known as shopping cart websites are the high end of the website market as they generally involve many pages for products and require and advanced back end for ordering. We can create the most advanced ecommerce websites so your business can sell online, 24 hours a day. The difference with our ecommerce sites is that they are built with search engine optimisation in mind so not only are your products online but they are more likely to be found through a Google search. Our ecommerce sites are also built to be tablet and mobile responsive which helps with your search engine position and is only offered by a few other website design companies