Website SEO

When creating a website search engine optimisation is the key to getting your website found on the main search engines for the locations and key words relative to your business. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of SEO (Search engine optimisation) and also website design. There are many web design companies that will tell you that they are building the site with search engine optimisation but in reality will be using either a standard plug-in, stuffing the website with keywords or using foreign links. Google has now got wise to these tactics and is actively penalising these tactics which is great for web companies like us as we conform to the Google guidelines which gives far better Google results. We also can create and run all your social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which is also of great benefit to your search engine position. Remember a website can look fantastic and be full of the best products in the world but if people search for it and can't find it they will then find your competition.Contact D3 Creative today to discuss you SEO 01279 639865. Find Us