Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

If you have paid for a graphic design and artwork service you will receive design visuals or artwork created to your specification. The content of the artwork or design is always supplied by you (the client). The content you supply may include; text, images, names, addresses, contact information. Whilst every effort is made to copy your content correctly by; retyping, copy and pasting or streaming in to our software, the responsibility to check this content lies with you (the client). Each time you instruct a change to your design visual or artwork you will be sent a proof. We do not offer a proof reading service and therefore the proofs we send you are for you (the client) to proof read. You (the client) are the proof reader. Once a design visual or artwork is approved for print by you (the client) and any necessary payments due are made, the item is added to the production line. Any amendments or reprints after approval to print and after print has taken place are chargeable. Please proof read the proofs that are sent to you (the client) before approving for print.

Here is a checklist for items which you may like to check on your visuals:
• Are your contact details spelt and listed correctly (tel, mob, fax, email, web, social media)?
• Have you spell checked and grammar checked the document?
• Have you checked any or all names are spelt correctly?
• Have you included an appropriate message in your content and a way or means of contacting you?
• Is your logo on the visual and is it correct?
• Is the font legible and fit for purpose in size and typeface for your clientele?
• Has any items or text been missed out?
• Have you checked all or any prices, offers, dates & times?
• Have you checked you are happy with the design, colours, typefaces and images used?

It is not uncommon to ask for a digital print of your design visual or artwork although these can lengthern lead times. A digitally printed design visual or artwork may differ from the final lithographically printed print run you may order (i.e. colour/stock) but it is a great tool for proof reading. It is also good practice to have your relative/colleague/friend/acquaintance/manager proof read the file in addition to double check.

When supplying your own design visual or artwork
for print we will give you a print specification for this item which we will need to receive the file in. This is typically a high resolution print quality PDF with 2mm bleed all round and no print or crop marks. For items such a brochures the specification would be to supply in single pages with appropriate bleed. Please always ask our print specification so that you can provide this to your designer or so that you can supply documents that can be put straight to print. We do offer a graphic design and artwork service which is chargeable, if you have used this service please refer to above. With any supplied artwork you (the client) are responsible for any proof reading and amendments before the artwork is supplied to us. Once we have received a supplied file, have payment in full and your approval to commence with print any reprints are chargeable.

By approving your proof to proceed to print you (the client) agree that all reprints are chargeable.